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About Us

Not just from Italy…

from Venice…

Culture, creativity and a taste for refinement come together in the Italian style that the entire world loves and envies.
Italian style is an unmistakable look, almost a hallmark, especially in the luxury sector fashion, design and luxury furniture.
A 100% guarantee that the product is designed and built entirely in Italy, because we want to make the MADE IN ITALY famous all over the world.

We put on at your disposal over 20 years of experience in the field of design, technical development and manufacturing of furniture, interiors compliments and other kinds of art and luxury objects, for make your project the best executed at all.

We are driven by values

Respect and care about the smallest needs and desires of the customer.

Transparent communication.

Trust and sincere and constructive collaboration.

Honesty and responsibility fused to passion, creativity and humility create unique, innovative and high quality result.

Super Efficient

Thanks to collaborations with several Italian and also foreign companies, the DiVaDesignStudio wants to create real works of art and, it makes so using modern technologies and innovations.

Deeply Commited

Today’s tools allow to develop any type of custom object.
This way of working does not only help us, but also the artisans who make prototypes and customers, who can preview the result they will get.

Highly Skilled

We put our twenty years experience and knowledge for create and realise your ideas into reality, by employing advanced modern programs to design, to make technical drawings, to model and print in 3D or photo-realistic renderings.

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